Cashless Resort

  1. Enable your customer’s mobile device to be an Universal Wallet / EFTPOS (Electronic funds transfer point of sale) across your resort – link credit/debit cards, bank accounts, crypto currencies, loyalty points etc., to the wallet - providing security, convenience and visibility to all customer spend and move towards a 100% cashless environment

  2. Enhanced financial security by registering all currency transactions and contracts with a private blockchain, - facilitating AML (anti-money laundering) initiatives within your business

  3. Allow your customers to fund with their wallet for amenities (retail outlets, hotel, restaurants, and events) within the casino resort - providing a seamless customer experience

  4. Turn your Customer’s mobile device into a physical identification device using biometric AI - replace loyalty cards, driver license, passport etc., for authentication and authorization

Customer Registration

Customer’s download your branded imio app from the app store and setup a new wallet or import their profile from the existing CRM


Customer Buy-in

A simple interface for your customers to buy virutal coins for their spend

  1. Customer selects the desired virtual coin to purchase and can use different payment methods – bank accounts, debit credit cards, credit cards (if allowed), buy now pay later (if allowed), other virtual coins in their account as well as crypto currencies (bitcoin, ether etc.,) held by them in external wallets such as Coinbase

  2. Customers can exchange their virtual coin for other virtual coins or cash using the Sell option

  3. Virtual coins can be further broken down at department level revenue centers on the blockchain

  4. Currency contracts and other static virtual coins can be registered in the blockchain for tracking and AML initiatives

  5. Customers have complete visibility to their virutal coin balances in their wallet

Customer Funding Use Case 1

Customers can fund (send/receive) virtual coins to/from EFTPOS using their wallet

  1. Customer can select the desired virtual coin on the wallet to fund at EFTPOS by scanning the QR code

  2. Customers can use virtual coins, loyalty points coins, bank accounts, debit credit cards, credit cards (if allowed), buy now pay later (if allowed), other coins in the account and including crypto currencies (bitcoin, ether etc.,) held by customer in external wallets such as Coinbase


Customer Funding Use Case 2

Customers can ”pay” for their amenities (retail outlets, hotel and events) spend using any virtual coin in their wallet

  1. Each business unit, revenue center or 3rd party businesses resort wide can have their own virtual coin registered in the blockchain

  2. Customers can make reservations and/or pay using any virutal coin available in their wallet

Customer Cashout

Customers can cash-out by selling virtual coins in their wallet back to the property (Electronic fund transfer to customer bank accounts)

  1. Customers can exchange virtual coin for other virtual coins or cash to be deposited to their bank account

  2. Customers select the number of virutal coins to cash out and the desired deposit account - bank account, other virtual coin, external crypto currency wallets etc.


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