Key Benefits

  1. Customizable, mobile-focused, blockchain-based technology software platform hosted on-premise or cloud

  2. Facilitates design, development and launch of branded digital Coins (virtual currency) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into a private blockchain

  3. The branded imio mobile app and backend web portal provides for convenience, operations, management, oversight and visibility into the blockchain

  4. Security, reliability, verifiability and identity are the core technology benefits

  5. Operational efficiency, cost savings, advanced loyalty programs and regulatory compliance are the core functional benefits

  6. Imio is an add-on product and integrated with existing customer management eco-system

Cashless Gaming

  1. Buy-in/cash-out directly at slots, tables, poker and ETGs with resort themed digital currency

  2. A private (intranet) blockchain to track all spend - managed by wallets and smart-contracts

  3. Customer’s mobile device enabled to be a universal wallet for resort wide spend by linking credit/debit cards, bank accounts, crypto currencies, loyalty points etc., to the wallet - providing security, convenience and visibility to all customer spend and facilitating a 100% cashless environment

  1. Pay anywhere outside the casino resort (fuel stations, grocery stores, salons etc.,) where apple-pay or google-pay is accepted using the debit card issued against the digital currency balance in the mobile wallet

  2. Seamless digital currency association to the debit card with spend controls avoiding the need to move casino balance out of the wallet

  3. Debit card issued and transactions managed by Visa or Mastercard with proven security and risk management

Non-Resort Spend


3rd Party Retail Spend

  1. Pay at hotels, restaurants, retail shops and amenities hosted by 3rd party retailers within the resort using the digital currency balance available in the customers' mobile wallet

  2. Facilitates digital currency transactions for 3rd party retailers at the resort within the blockchain and save on transaction fees

  3. Brand themed digital currency per retailer ensures accounting, traceability and loyalty

  1. Enable customers to wager on live sports and racing events using their mobile wallet for additional revenue opportunities

  2. Covering more than 300,000 monthly events, ensuring customers get the latest odds on all the top action

  3. Customize sportsbook margin to ensure it meets business needs

  4. Blockchain ensures the integrity of wagers and provides for additional security measures

Sports Betting


NFT based loyalty programs

  1. An innovative way for customers to “buy” into a loyalty program versus the traditional “spend & earn” programs, establishing a new revenue source

  2. Introduce NFTs within your existing customer loyalty programs. Customers can buy rare and unique digital art (NFTs) for exclusive membership offers and services

  3. Realize a new revenue source by selling goods in purely digital form and increase brand awareness & affinity with younger generation and NFT enthusiasts. Launch and monetize your intellectual property as NFT assets

  1. Blockchain is an immutable ledger and natively enables regulatory oversight, establishing trustworthy customer identification and support for compliance programs

  2. A blockchain-based AML program that utilizes Smart Contracts would be able to use inbuilt programmable algorithms, to raise red flags for suspicious transactions and automate the process of AML regulations for fraud detection and combating money laundering

  3. Blockchain technology uses a decentralized network, where each participant or node is required to validate and detect unauthorized changes, making it incredibly secure. This aspect of blockchain allows regulators to examine records knowing that the information contained within them are reliable and accurate

Biometric AI for AML and Financial Security



  1. Value of a dollar depreciates over time due to the buy & sell process of the same dollar, involving customers, banks and payment gateways, based on fees paid to these financial institutions - for example, customer cash-out and subsequent buy-in carry at least 2 additional transaction fees and surcharges

  2. Customers can stake their wallet balance to earn interest (loyalty points) limiting cash movements between wallet and their bank to save on transaction fees and minimize dollar value depreciation

  1. New revenue opportunities by partnering with top brands and allowing customers to spend using a one-time stored value card on the brands’ website

  2. Each spend through wallet can carry a commission paid by the brand

  3. Customers may also be eligible for exclusive rewards and cash back bonuses as part of the partnership agreement with the brands

One-Time Stored
Value Card

One-Time Stored Value Card


  1. Advertise upcoming events to you customers directly through the Imio app.  Customers can purchase tickets for these events in the form of NFTs

  2. These tickets can have a longer life cycle than physical ones giving opportunities to keep the customers more engaged and earn additional benefits – Ex. offers on a future events

  3. Functionality/Benefits

    • Proof of ownership in relation to these NFT tickets
    • Additional benefits can be added to these NFT tickets
    • An additional level of security against "fake tickets"
  1. Leaderboard is a promotional offer that allows players to earn points based on their Casino gameplay to win prizes, such as Casino Credits, Casino Bonus funds or physical prizes

  2. Functionality/Benefits

    • Classic Leaderboards provides players with a point-based system which is determined by the amount they wager on eligible Casino games
    • Money Multiplier Leaderboards allows players to earn leaderboard points based on ratio of wager to payout. The ratio is calculated by taking a player’s total winnings and dividing it by a player’s wager amount
    • Net Winnings Leaderboards provides players with a chance to earn leaderboard points based on their net winnings. This is defined as the winnings from a qualifying wager less the qualifying wager amount
    • Max Out Leaderboards allows players to earn leaderboard points based on their biggest win on a single wager. The points are calculated as the net winnings (qualifying win amount less the qualifying wager amount)



Gift Card

Gift Card Gift Card
  1. Imio gift cards provides an unique, innovative and secure gateway to the world of gifting

  2. Easily send a virtual gift card to a friend or family member with a customized message

  3. Over 1,000 retailers around the globe, including Amazon in 20+ countries and Starbucks

  1. This feature allows a customer to set up user-defined limits for their spends, wagers etc. The app will then send the user notifications when the set limits are reached

  2. This is a key feature for "responsible gaming"

  3. The following spend controls can be implemented within the app

    • Buy-in limit
    • Loss limit
    • Wager limit

Spend Control



IMIO blockchain is a peer-to-peer
distributed ledger


Traditional Technology

  1. Cross property customer spend may involve cash-out and buy-in between properties thereby increasing governance and management

  2. Customer ID check for high value transactions relies on human verification and mostly unrecorded – for example, a marker buy-in at a gaming table

  3. Value of a dollar depreciates over time due to the buy & sell process of the same dollar, involving customers, banks and credit card companies, based on exchange fees paid to these financial institutions - for example, customer cash-out and subsequent buy-in carry at least 2 additional transaction fees and surcharges

  4. Customer contracts, tax receipts, harm minimization and communication involve man-power and complex processes

Blockchain Technology

  1. Blockchain based virtual currency (coin) provides for a seamless transition between properties and provides for centralized governance and traceability

  2. Customer IDs (driver license, govt-id, passport etc.,) are registered in the blockchain as NFTs and auto verified/recorded using biometric AI when high value transactions are initiated

  3. Virtual currency payouts (from gaming machines and resort amenities) to customers carry same value throughout its lifetime and advanced marketing programs (such as interest earning currencies at a lower rate than financial institution fees) can be designed to prevent/reduce customer cash-out

  4. Blockchain ledger records, validates and transmits critical events and alerts using smart-contracts

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