1. Introduce Crypto currency & NFTs within your existing customer loyalty programs

  2. Customers can buy rare and unique digital art (NFTs) for exclusive membership offers and services

  3. Realize a new revenue source by selling goods in purely digital form and prepare for metaverse

  4. Increase brand awareness & affinity with younger generation and NFT enthusiasts

  5. Launch and monetize your own crypto currency and intellectual property as NFT assets

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Use Cases

  1. Sell NFTs as Virtual Tickets

    No matter the type of event - theater, musical events, sport events, trade shows, expos and more - the eye-catching content of NFTs can serve as virtual tickets to attract audience, proof of purchase and collectible

  2. Product & Service Pre-orders

    Increase demand for products and services by selling NFTs as a virtual replica and start monetizing as soon as the product or service is conceived rather than when it is physically launched

  3. Support a Good Cause

    It is no longer enough to sell quality products at competitive prices. NFTs can be a bridge to help support worthy causes and give back to communities in order to win the hearts and minds of customers

Key Features

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  1. Dice

    Customizable, marketing-focused, blockchain-based technology software platform hosted on-premise or cloud

  2. Dice

    Facilitates design, development and launch of your own branded crypto Coins (cryptocurrency) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into your Blockchain

  3. Dice

    Associate unique marketing offers and membership discounts for products and services to each NFT, as collectibles

  1. Dice

    The branded imio mobile app can be used by your customers to purchase:

    • Crypto Coins with funds using credit/debit card, bank account or loyalty points and
    • NFTs with crypto coins or loyalty points
  2. Dice

    Customers can use the purchased NFT as proof to avail exclusive offers and discounts (associated with each NFT) at your property or service location

  3. Dice

    Imio is an add-on product and can be integrated with your existing customer loyalty systems and programs

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NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

  1. NFT is a digital asset and proof of ownership towards exclusive member-only offers and discounts

  2. A NFT can be a digital version of your intellectual property such as digital images of historical artifacts, paintings etc., Imio comes packaged with several themes to select from

  3. NFTs can be a limited number of editions and each edition is orchestrated using artificial intelligence (AI) to make them digitally unique

  4. Offers can be associated with each NFT and integrated into your existing customer loyalty system for redemptions

  5. NFT can be set up for purchase by customers via an auction process including buy-now, and enables customers to “buy into” a membership loyalty program instantly

App Screen
App Screen

Coin (cryptocurrency)

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  1. Launch your own branded cryptocurrency Coin on the imio network

  2. Customers purchase Coins as an alternate source of payment to transact with brand and services and purchase NFTs

  3. Decentralized processing network (no central authority) eliminates or lowers chargebacks and processing fees

  4. Imio mobile wallet app secures coins and NFTs for your customers

  5. Imion is the native coin on the imio network

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